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On Gun Control: What a Friend of TJP Wrote to His Congressperson


First off, thank you for your work. I know your job is not easy.

Today I would like to urge you to address the tragic Newtown massacre with rational action, not with ineffective restrictions on sane, law-abiding citizens.

When crafting or voting on legislation, we must start with the facts. And even a few simple facts show that legislation like that proposed by Senator Feinstein completely misses the mark.  Continue reading On Gun Control: What a Friend of TJP Wrote to His Congressperson

Facts to consider in light of the Newtown tragedy…

We here at are extremely reluctant to wade into the debate about gun policy that’s taking place after this tragic event.  In private discourse, our impression is that anyone who wants to have a conversation about guns right now doesn’t really want to have a conversation about guns.  People on both side of this issue are reacting reflexively and emotionally.  That’s understandable, but still unfortunate.  So we’re not going to voice our (generally pro-gun) opinions here.  But here are some facts that thoughtful analysts of the issue should not neglect:

A meaningless story gets no headlines… and we’re shocked!

We here at are scratching our big collective head trying to figure out why the story below isn’t news… or at least the kind of quasi-news that one of the political parties (in this particular case, the G.O.P.) would want to push these days.

The facts are pretty simple. Earlier this month, terrorists in Gaza were photographed parading around with a couple of relatively rare, newly-developed guns. Specifically, the al-Quds Brigades literally had a parade, and during that parade some al-Quds members carried F2000 and AK-103 assault rifles. Do a little educated guess-work, as N.R. Jenzen-Jones did in the Rogue Adventurer blog, and it’s quite likely that the terrorists obtained those hard(ish)-to-find rifles from rebels in Libya. As we all know, under the Obama administration, we here in the U.S. provided some support to those rebels during their successful fight to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi — upwards of $1 billion worth, according to some sources.

So… bloodthirsty terrorists on Israel’s doorstep get ultramodern guns, probably from Obama-backed rebels in Libya.

Should be news, right?*  Not really… and surprisingly, no one seems to be treating it otherwise. Continue reading A meaningless story gets no headlines… and we’re shocked!

Are Concealed Weapon Licensees Dangerous?

According to the New York Times:  Yes.

According to a well-researched law review article from 2009: No.

You be the judge.  This post (by an author of the law review article) should help you; so should this Instapundit response to the NYT article.

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