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Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz ever said a nice thing about a Republican?

If so, we missed it.  And that’s a shame, particularly for a prominent Jewish politician…

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New Page on Obama’s Record re Israel

Every American Jew should care about President Obama’s record on Israel.  So we should all know what that record actually is.  To that end, we’re throwing up a new page collating all of the President’s significant actions regarding Israel and related topics (Iran, etc.).

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TJP welcomes a new contributor: Bobbe! is happy to welcome its first non-me contributor.  She goes by the nom-de-blogge of Bobbe.  Bobbe is a teacher, a mother, a grandmother (naturally), and a reliable source of wisdom on everything from Chumash to theoretical physics.

I’m not kidding.

Without getting all misty about it, Bobbe is one of my favorite people on the planet.  So I’m delighted to add her to the TJP roster.  (A roster of two.  So far.)

The “George with a kippah” pic: keep him in the ghetto or…?

So whaddya think?  I (Masonides) have a soft spot for my unenviable Microsoft Paint creations, but, then again, kitch isn’t necessarily optimal when you’re trying to gain cred as a sophisticated political blog.


Uncle Shmuely needs you.

Uncle Shmuely

Uncle Shmuely needs you.

While our team of crack(pot) political analysts gears up its first round of thoughts, we’re welcoming submissions for interesting articles and links that we haven’t noticed.  Feel free to e-mail us (the obvious address or comment on this link with submissions or suggestions…

Tips for submissions…

We Need You…

and we’re not Uncle Shmuely

Our editorial board (me, Masonides) recognizes that we need input from diverse sources to create a relevant, intellectually vibrant site.  We also recognize that we don’t need the kinds of kooks and doctrinaire thinking that seem so boringly common on ye olde interwebs.  To that end, we have some tips to help you get your thoughts published on our little site.

1.  Cite to public sources for factual assertions.  We don’t suffer the factual assertions of random people lightly, but if those factual assertions come from a source (or sources) that are likely to be publicly vetted and challenged, we suffer them considerably lightly-er.

2.  Fact cites should be to nonpartisan or minimally-partisan, non-ridiculous sources.  Use the most direct, authoritative, factual reference material you can find.

3.  Avoid puffery and unsubstantiated opinion.  To paraphrase an imperfect Wikipedia example: if you don’t understand the persuasive difference between the following two statements, don’t expect to be published here:

  • “Bob Dylan is the defining figure of the 1960s counterculture and a brilliant songwriter.”
  • “Dylan was included in Time‘s 100: The Most Important People of the Century, where he was called “master poet, caustic social critic and intrepid, guiding spirit of the counterculture generation”.[2] By the mid-1970s, his songs had been covered by hundreds of other artists.[3]

4,  Convince, don’t deride.  We’re trying to advance the discussion, not score gotcha points.  Keep it civil… but beyond civil: keep it productive.

5.  Be fearless.  We welcome unconventional opinions and new ideas.  We are happy to present ideas with which we may disagree if those ideas advance debate to unconsidered possibilities or new levels of abstraction.

Introducing The Jewish Patriot ( for shortsies) is a political blog written by an eclectic group of politically active Jews.  While our editorial board (currently consisting of me, Masonides) leans toward the non-isolationist libertarian side of most issues, we welcome submissions and comments from anyone who thinks he or she can add a well-constructed, fact-based point of view to our discussion.

We focus on political issues that are particularly relevant to American Jewry.  U.S. support of Israel is obviously up for grabs, but so are plenty of other topics: religious freedoms and other civil rights, education and tax policy, the government’s role in social justice (some might call this “tikkun olam“), abortion policy, and a host of other issues.

As we barrel into the 2012 Presidential election cycle, the importance of American Jewish political awareness is at an historic high.  Many politically independent and right-leaning Jews are questioning Jews’ traditional allegiance to the Democractic Party and its principles, current and past.  Republican organizations, most notably the Republican Jewish Coalition, are connecting with Jewish voters with unprecedented results.  Why?  Because both parties know that relatively small changes in Jewish voting trends could turn this election on its head.

We here at hope to be a resource for the politically-interested Jew who wants to make intelligent political decisions.  We expect to provide analysis you can understand, facts you can check, and a productive forum for civil dialogue.

If you would like to add to our site, feel free to comment or e-mail us with a link to an article we missed or a submission of your own.  (See our post on submission tips.)  Thanks for visiting!