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Primary Disappointment

I (Masonides) admit it: I haven’t been blogging for a few weeks because the Republican primaries have left me exhausted and disappointed.  I have nothing against Mitt Romney, but his inevitable rise is a politics-as-usual end to a disappointingly politics-as-usual primary cycle.  If you don’t mind entering a rant vortex for two or three minutes, here’s why I’m so bummed. Continue reading Primary Disappointment

Do big banks control Washington?

Though their precise agenda is difficult to discern, the Occupy Wall Street movement clearly has a problem with big banks.  The movement also has some problems with the Jews, and this raises the specter of a classic anti-Semitic libel: that Jews control finance, and particularly that we control the U.S. government through finance (among other means).  It doesn’t help that President Obama encourages the “we-are-the-other-99%” rhetoric by, among other things, singling out “fat cat bankers” as undeserving of his help.

But there’s one problem: the available evidence doesn’t show that banks run the government.  It seems more reasonable to say that the government runs the banks. Continue reading Do big banks control Washington?