The economy under President Obama

Now, I don’t blame President Obama for everything on this list.  The economy has several inputs and the executive branch of the federal government is but one.  However, it’s hard to look at this list from House Speaker John Boehner’s office and not see two things: failed policies and broken promises. Continue reading The economy under President Obama

Do big banks control Washington?

Though their precise agenda is difficult to discern, the Occupy Wall Street movement clearly has a problem with big banks.  The movement also has some problems with the Jews, and this raises the specter of a classic anti-Semitic libel: that Jews control finance, and particularly that we control the U.S. government through finance (among other means).  It doesn’t help that President Obama encourages the “we-are-the-other-99%” rhetoric by, among other things, singling out “fat cat bankers” as undeserving of his help.

But there’s one problem: the available evidence doesn’t show that banks run the government.  It seems more reasonable to say that the government runs the banks. Continue reading Do big banks control Washington?

The “George with a kippah” pic: keep him in the ghetto or…?

So whaddya think?  I (Masonides) have a soft spot for my unenviable Microsoft Paint creations, but, then again, kitch isn’t necessarily optimal when you’re trying to gain cred as a sophisticated political blog.


Dems call GOP hypocritical on Iowa caucus voter registration… but does the comparison make sense?

The Huffington Post — and soon after, the Democratic Party — picked up on allegedly loose election procedures at the Republican Iowa caucuses.  They say the situation reveals GOP hypocrisy: Republicans across the country are pushing for tighter voting registration requirements in government elections, like abandoning same-day registration and requiring government-issued photo ID, to combat voter fraud.  Thus the argument: if they’re suing to set the bar so high in national elections, why don’t they mind leaving the backdoor open within GOP elections?

Don’t get me wrong: there’s plenty of hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle.  But I don’t think this is one of those cases, and I think the HuffPo/Democratic “gotcha” shows some pretty shoddy logic.

Primary elections and government elections are not comparable in some ways.  The political parties that run primaries are private entities — they’re not beholden to anyone other than their members.  A governmental body is, obviously, responsible to the public.

This difference has significant implications in the context of voting.  For a vote within a private entity, there is no unfairness if the stakeholders of that entity consent to whatever procedures are applied.  In a public vote, all voters are stakeholders.

So if Republicans don’t mind conducting informal elections for themselves, that’s their choice.  They’re not inflicting harm on anyone else.  I would say the very same thing if all American voters consented to informal election procedures.  But they don’t.  When some portion of the stakeholders in either entity does not consent to such procedures, that contingent has the right to a determination of which procedures are required by the mandate of that entity.

If Iowa caucusers and the candidates aren’t complaining, there really isn’t an issue here.

Uncle Shmuely needs you.

Uncle Shmuely

Uncle Shmuely needs you.

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Are Concealed Weapon Licensees Dangerous?

According to the New York Times:  Yes.

According to a well-researched law review article from 2009: No.

You be the judge.  This post (by an author of the law review article) should help you; so should this Instapundit response to the NYT article.

New version of “Myths and Facts” now available

“Myths and Facts” is a great resource put out by the American Israeli Cooperative Enterprise.  The entire text of the 2012 version can now be found here.  It’s an extremely readable and interesting source of historical facts and arguments against a lot of the mistakes/lies we often hear about Israel.

JP: Democratic think-tank caught in anti-Israel (and maybe anti-Semitic) scandal

The Jerusalem Post has a nice article today on a scandal that has been brewing for a while. Continue reading JP: Democratic think-tank caught in anti-Israel (and maybe anti-Semitic) scandal

Former staffer drops a bomb on Ron Paul re: Israel, Holocaust

There are a lot of things a Jew might like about Ron Paul. Lower taxes, simplified government, and just generally leaving us alone as much as possible. However, Paul’s foreign policy has always been the a stinker for even libertarian-leaning Jews, particularly on Israel. Turns out: it’s even worse than almost anyone thought, according to a recent article by a former high-ranking Paul staffer. Continue reading Former staffer drops a bomb on Ron Paul re: Israel, Holocaust