Russian support of Syria

We here at TJP have been quietly wondering why on earth Russia would threaten to stop U.N. action against Bashar Assad’s brutal regime.  And, as if Rupert Murdoch had graduated from stealing voicemail to stealing thoughts, our buddies at the Wall Street Journal have an answer. Continue reading Russian support of Syria

New Page on Obama’s Record re Israel

Every American Jew should care about President Obama’s record on Israel.  So we should all know what that record actually is.  To that end, we’re throwing up a new page collating all of the President’s significant actions regarding Israel and related topics (Iran, etc.).

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I like being able to fire people, too

In the wake of the nonsensical dust-up over Mitt Romney’s “I like being able to fire people” comment, it seems that even some Republicans might need a refresher course on some basic principles of free enterprise.
So let’s head to NYU, that eternal bastion of right-wing thought.

TJP welcomes a new contributor: Bobbe! is happy to welcome its first non-me contributor.  She goes by the nom-de-blogge of Bobbe.  Bobbe is a teacher, a mother, a grandmother (naturally), and a reliable source of wisdom on everything from Chumash to theoretical physics.

I’m not kidding.

Without getting all misty about it, Bobbe is one of my favorite people on the planet.  So I’m delighted to add her to the TJP roster.  (A roster of two.  So far.)

The ADL: an un-American dinosaur

Last Friday, the Anti-Defamation League announced that it asked Rick Santorum to stop talking about “Jesus candidate[s]” and to dial down his religious rhetoric in general. From their press release: Continue reading The ADL: an un-American dinosaur

John Adams on Jews, America, and Israel

I just ran across some amazing quotes from John Adams, our second (constitutional) President…

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Judging Obama on Iran

American Jewish voters should care deeply about President Obama’s policies and actions toward Iran.  But judging that record is much hardert than most commentators admit. Continue reading Judging Obama on Iran

Jews, Faith, Obama, and Idol Worship

Full disclosure: this reflects my (Masonides) individual political and religious beliefs, and I apologize in advance if this offends or angers anyone.   Please read the post in its entirety before responding.  As always, TJP welcomes opinions from folks of all political persuasions and faiths, and we certainly welcome any submissions that might disagree with this piece. Continue reading Jews, Faith, Obama, and Idol Worship