A meaningless story gets no headlines… and we’re shocked!

We here at TheJewishPatriot.com are scratching our big collective head trying to figure out why the story below isn’t news… or at least the kind of quasi-news that one of the political parties (in this particular case, the G.O.P.) would want to push these days.

The facts are pretty simple. Earlier this month, terrorists in Gaza were photographed parading around with a couple of relatively rare, newly-developed guns. Specifically, the al-Quds Brigades literally had a parade, and during that parade some al-Quds members carried F2000 and AK-103 assault rifles. Do a little educated guess-work, as N.R. Jenzen-Jones did in the Rogue Adventurer blog, and it’s quite likely that the terrorists obtained those hard(ish)-to-find rifles from rebels in Libya. As we all know, under the Obama administration, we here in the U.S. provided some support to those rebels during their successful fight to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi — upwards of $1 billion worth, according to some sources.

So… bloodthirsty terrorists on Israel’s doorstep get ultramodern guns, probably from Obama-backed rebels in Libya.

Should be news, right?*  Not really… and surprisingly, no one seems to be treating it otherwise.

Rationally, the answer to that question is probably “no.” Based on our pro-am gun knowledge, we don’t think anyone would say that these new guns are qualitatively deadlier than, say, older AK-47/AKM/AK-74’s. And those older AK’s are about as rare in the Middle East as chummus or shouting matches. And though the F2000 looks like something from Star Wars (or at least Lazer Tag), we gotta guess that lugging it around doesn’t do al-Quds any favors. In the land of AK’s and AR’s, it’s probably best to use one of those, if only because the F2000 has a different manual of arms (i.e., how to operate it) and long-term use would require hard-to-find spare parts. We’re no gun or combat expert, though, so that last bit is some silky smooth, 100% pure speculation on our part.

There’s also the matter of quantity.  Libya only had about 300 of the F2000’s.  We’re not totally clear on how many AK-103’s Gaddafi had, though.

Regardless, we still don’t understand why this story isn’t getting at least SOME attention during this ridiculous U.S. presidential election. As a rational matter, al-Quds possessing these guns probably means nothing, but when did rationality ever stop a good silly-season narrative? We can think of about a dozen such narratives that would fit here. Each theme has the same low quality and relevance that characterizes most of the dreck we’ve heard from both sides during this race.

Off the top of that same collective head of ours:

  • “This is the foreign policy version of ‘Operation Fast & Furious'”
  • “Obama wants to ban assault weapons for law-abiding U.S. citizens, but he likes putting full-auto FN’s in the hands of anti-Israel terrorists instead”
  • “Yet another case in which lead-from-behind regime change policies backfire” (as Romney said about Obama’s Libya policy, “mission creep and mission muddle”)

Etc. etc. etc.

In short, we’re surprised that a non-newsworthy fact with dubious political implications is actually being treated as such.  We chalk it up to political exhaustion.

Side note: The dumbest part of all this is — you guessed it — in French. Fabrique Nationale, the company that makes the F2000, is Belgian. When al-Quds was photographed with the distinctive-looking F2000, articles about the pics temporarily pushed stories about waffle innovations all the way to the second page of newspapers throughout the country.  Based on a Google translation of one such article, it seems the peace-loving Belgies are feeling a tad guilty, wondering aloud how to remedy this unthinkable act of “arms misappropriation.”

Sure, Belgium.  That’ll go real far. We can only imagine how a Libyan militiaman or Gazan al-Quds Brigade murderer might blush — positively crimson — were the Belgians to upbraid them for such an inexcusable faux pas.

No word yet on whether the Russians who made the AK-103’s are similarly rending their tortured souls over the incident.


*Yes, we know the press is far more excited about Gaddafi’s MANPADs, or Man-Portable Air Defense Systems, particularly those that the U.S. sold to Libya a while ago. Some were located and destroyed during the Libyan civil war, but the West still can’t account for many of them. However, one might argue that the theoretical threat posed by loose MANPADs that we don’t even know exist is far more remote than that posed by weapons actually in the hands of known terrorists parading just miles from Jerusalem.


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