We call a Mitt Romney win, because of this guy

Republican pollster Neil Newhouse is, quite frankly, betting his life on a Romney win.  We don’t see any Democratic pollsters willing to call that bet.

Ergo, Mitt wins…

Details are here, but the most important sentences in the article are few:

Ed Goeas, of the Tarrance Group, agreed, saying, “The difference between [{politically-employed –ed}firms like his and POS {Newhouse’s firm –ed}] and the newspaper polls, public polls, is that if we’re wrong we lose clients and we don’t get any new clients. If the newspaper polls are wrong, they get another news story about the numbers moving. And so we have to be very specific and very right where actually it serves to [public pollsters’] benefit if in fact they’re letting the sample float…He’s one of the best and certainly has to be seen as the premier pollster on the Republican side this year.”

Mr. Newhouse is, according to the article, not known for theatrics.  Now, he may already be all-in, in which case you might think that pinning himself to an unlikely Romney win is meaningless Hail Mary.  But again, were that true, wouldn’t there be a Politico (or Daily Kos) article about a Democratic pollster who called him on his bluff?

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