Hillel Neuer Drops Some Knowledge

We like his strategy: quote one’s adversaries — or the adversaries’ bosses.

There’s plenty to discuss in this video.  What we think is most notable — besides Mr. Neuer’s overpowering command of the facts — is the fake reasonableness of Bill Van Esvald, the representative of Human Rights Watch.  His feigned evenhandedness is endemic to the approach that many NGO’s take toward the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Some context: Every single rocket that Hamas fires is aimed at civilians.  Every single rocket that Hamas fires is therefore a war crime and a violation of human rights, regardless of whether Israel has the ability to knock it down.  It’s that simple.

That Hamas is committing war crimes and human rights violations as its very aim in this and every conflict doesn’t require investigators “on the ground” or a “neutral inquiry.”  Yet the obviousness of Hamas’s crimes leads Mr. Van Esvald to minimize their significance when it should have the opposite effect.  Note how little time he spends discussing them or debating anything of substance with Ms. Buttu.  That makes no sense.


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