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TheJewishPatriot.com (“TJP” for shortsies) is a political blog written by an eclectic group of politically active Jews. While our editorial board (currently consisting of me, Masonides) leans toward the non-isolationist libertarian side of most issues, we welcome submissions and comments from anyone who thinks he or she can add a well-constructed, fact-based point of view to our discussion.

We focus on political issues that are particularly relevant to American Jewry. U.S. support of Israel is obviously up for grabs, but so are plenty of other topics: religious freedoms and other civil rights, education and tax policy, the government’s role in social justice (some might call this “tikkun olam“), abortion policy, and a host of other issues.

We here at TJP.com hope to be a resource for the politically-interested Jew who wants to make intelligent political decisions. We expect to provide analysis you can understand, facts you can check, and a productive forum for civil dialogue.

If you would like to add to our site, feel free to comment or e-mail us with a link to an article we missed or a submission of your own. (See our page on submission tips.) Thanks for visiting!

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